White Wine Prophecy

I Have A Prophecy About These Wines

By I Like Drink, 02/04/2017

I first discovered this line of wines, Prophecy wines, through the Sauvignon Blanc and now I am moving on to taste their others.

Each of their styles come from different areas of the world. The Sauvignon Blanc is from New Zealand.

As an artist I also love the labels. I feel these wines make a great gift since not only are the wines tasty, the bottles present themselves so well.

Visit Their Website @ www.ProphecyWine.com .

Lets start with the Sauvignon Blanc. I really find this wine refreshing. In fact here is my refiew on Vino. “I was pleasantly surprised. A sweeter SB than expected but nice for a change since I hate when it goes to dry. I would buy again”.

The winemaker’s notes are: Aromas of grapefruit, lychee and lime zest lead to flavors of mandarin orange and green apple, followed by delicate notes of mineral and white tea.

It currently ranks as a 3.8 our of 5 and the average price, at time of post, is $11.00 a bottle. I found mine at Kroger.

My plan is to try the other Prophecy wines above and I will report promptly!