Della Robbia Rosso Semi-Sweet Is A Fun Wine

By I Like Drink, 05/20/2016

I enjoy Sangria and to tell you the truth, I have never met anyone that doesn’t. I mention this because I think this is a wine, Della Robbia Rosso, that anyone and everyone would like as well, and I was surprised it was so sweet and carbonated-like. It almost taste like a fruit cooler. You know, the ones like Jack Daniels Cranberry etc…

This is a great wine for those that like sweet wines and for a BBQ or Mexican fiesta. Low alcohol content with just 5.5% alcohol content. This wine even has the calories listed. For each 8-oz glass there is 190 calories. This is an Italian made wine that should be served chilled. I am not sure where I purchased this. It may have been the grocery store and not total wine since I did not place the price on the bottle, like I usually do. Will definitely buy again for summer drinking!